5 SEO Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Web Design Company

Whether you own your own business, or if you work as a freelancer; modern times make it virtually impossible to go by without a website. More than being a fancy accessory, the development of websites nowadays has become a necessity to all sorts of businesses and marketing strategies.

Being able to offer your services has never been so easy thanks to the Internet. Literally, anyone who’s wanting to sell a product, can create a website and let it run. However, a website alone will hardly do all the work. You need to find ways to make your target market visit your page and have them to buy what you’re selling.

How do you achieve such thing? Well, there are quite a few tools out there that will help you out to bring your brand from the unknown to the eyes of potential customers. One of the most important elements to work on when developing a marketing strategy is the use of SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically means that you set up the content for your site, with the help of diverse tools, in a way that makes it easier for engines like Google to rank up your page, and therefore gain exposure, increasing the chances of potential buyers finding your site, and ultimately buying your product before going to your competitors.

However, whether you already have your own website, or if you’re planning on starting one, there are some questions you should ask before hiring a web design company. You could aim to work with some of the top website design companies of course, but as long as you get the right answers to these questions, your strategy will be on the top of its game, and your business will be on the right path.

1. Do they have an SEO specialist?

Having an experienced SEO specialist has become a priority nowadays. Outsourcing the design of a website alone won’t go far if there are no strategies that permanently work to bring your site up the ranks. If you don’t have one, this is the first question you should ask your future Web design provider. Though some agencies outsource their SEO tasks, the most relevant thing for you is to be able to keep in touch with them. After launching, the SEO specialist has to be able to come up with effective strategies that suit both you and your customer’s needs, while working towards efficiency and results. You don’t have to find someone to take care of your website and someone else to take care of the SEO. In a lot of cases, such as mine, they can both be the same person. This makes it easier to concentrate all the work in one professional that not only can relate to both topics but who can also bring experience in both fields to the table.

2. Do they guarantee placement results?

This might be the trickiest question you can ask. If they reply with a yes, they could be lying. No one can really guarantee results in regards to placement since Google might decide to change their algorithms again, turning the whole SEO strategy upside down.

The best guarantee you can get is experience, requesting previous successful cases and a thorough analysis of whoever you’re going to hire. Whoever tells you they will get quick results, could also be working with Black Hat SEO techniques. This basically means that their focus is mainly on search engines and not your target market. They tend to use more aggressive techniques that not only do ignore the search engine’s policies, they could also be violating their terms of service.

3. Can they show you examples of successful campaigns?

A web design company’s clients will be your strongest evidence to decide who to go with. Testimonials from previous cases will not only show you that their success is well founded, but will also create a base of trust between them and your brand. You should also be able to request analytics that shows their growth, success and organic reach compared to an after-SEO-campaign ranking. In other words, if you were to buy a car from a new brand, you wouldn’t want to buy it without knowing its reputation or seeing what specifications and performance they offer with their models.

4. Do they follow Google’s guidelines?

Here lies the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO campaigns. Both names come from the way we used to identify the good ones from the bad ones in old western movies. Following Google’s guidelines will help you to walk on the right side of things. Besides opting for an ethical way to promote your content and your products. Your brand will gain a good reputation by avoiding Black Hat techniques that could damage your image in the future and reduce credibility. Working only with White Hat strategies is proven to benefit businesses the most in the long run. And since not many get into business to earn a few quick bucks and close down, this might be what you should look for.

Posting duplicate content, buying links, automating content and link farming are some of the Black Hat methods you should avoid to ensure a transparent, effective and ongoing performance when it comes to your SEO campaign. White Hat SEO techniques can build a stronger base to guarantee better results in years to come, while Black Hat SEO works better for campaigns that don’t have long-term goals and look for immediate or short-term earnings.

5. What are their most important on-page and off-page SEO techniques?

On-page techniques involve all the methods used within your page to drive traffic and encourage the viewer to either buy or continue browsing on your page. While Off-page refers to all other activities that take place outside of your site. It’s far from being just about link-building, which is considered a Black Hat technique by some. Knowing what their most relevant techniques are will help you to better decide which company suits best your needs, and which SEO specialist can really drive your brand where you need it to go.

One of the most important items to keep in mind for these techniques is that the generated content has to appeal your target market and has to be of the best quality. It greatly depends on that whether your page gets the traffic you desire or not.

At the end of the day, the more questions you can ask your future web design and SEO provider, the better. Your questions will not only tailor their strategies to your needs but will also allow you to know better whose hands you’re resting your company on. Understanding the importance of good quality SEO campaigns and content will also make a huge difference on your ranking. Having a perfectly functional and well-designed page is not enough anymore. The main purpose of you hiring a web designing company is to increase your revenue in the long run. But if you don’t document yourself on what you should expect, your goals might be lost in the air and your brand will never gain the exposure you desire.

If you have any questions or would simply like to share any experiences you’ve had with SEO or web design, leave a comment below.