6 Ways To Improve Your Morning

If there’s anything harder than going to work early in the morning, it’s getting up early in the morning. If you’re like most people, every extra second you get to spend in bed counts, no matter how tired or how awake you might be by the time the alarm goes off. Snoozing can become something more of an addiction than a guilty pleasure and like most addictions it can actually be bad for you. Being a morning person is not for everybody, but making the morning bearable and easier for yourself is definitely possible. And here’s a 6-item batch that can help you to start the morning in a much better way:

Plan what can be planned

If you struggle with organizing your morning from the second you get up, you might want to start thinking ahead and you future self will thank you for it. On the night before, plan as much as you can so that your sleepy morning self can avoid as much stress as possible. Leave out the outfit you’ll be wearing, put all the things you need to take with you in the same place to avoid running around the house in a treasure hunt 5 minutes before having to leave. You don’t need to have something different for breakfast everyday as long as it’s energizing and healthy; after all, it is the most important meal of the day.

By planning ahead, you might go to bed a couple minutes later, but we all know it’s easier to go to bed later than getting up earlier. If you plan ahead you might even save yourself enough time to set the alarm those 5 minutes valuable minutes later than usual because there’s nothing to be worried about besides mechanical tasks that require little to no effort and therefore no stress. In other words, set everything up so that you can get ready next day on auto-pilot while you’re fully awake and ready to take on the word.

Stretch and work out

That’s right. It sounds like something that would put you in an even worse mood if you have to get up really early in the morning; but in fact it’s quite the contrary. Working out and stretching not only sends your brain the signals of a warm up before getting to work but it also releases chemicals like dopamine, that make us feel good about the day and ourselves. On top of feeling good, doing it on a daily basis will also lead to a healthier lifestyle and a fit body, which also ends up helping us to feel good about ourselves and strengthens our self-esteem as well. An excellent workout routine if you don’t know how to start or what to do, is Pilates.

Have a good and healthy breakfast

Ok, so there are many different ways and ingredients to prepare a healthy breakfast; however, it’s recommended to always have protein in it. Cereal can be delicious and also healthy too, but by giving your body protein, it will make your whole digestive system work to process it and sleeping won’t be a priority for our organism anymore. Eating fruit can also be an excellent addition to your morning diet, giving your body a natural sugar kick to start the day aside from the individual benefits each fruit has on themselves.

If you snooze you lose

We’ve all done it at least once, twice, or even three to four, five or six times and each time we do it we get that little kick of comfort knowing we have another 5 minutes in bed. Truth is though, that 5 minute sessions are actually worse for you than getting up right away. When we snooze, we’re not fully awake yet and we tell our bodies that interruption will happen again in another 5 minutes, our brain tries to relax again to reach the deepest sleep (REM or rapid eye movement stage) as soon as possible to rest, but obviously this is setting the bar too high for our system and the constant frustration of starting and interrupting the sleep cycle every time we snooze makes us feel even more sleepy or tired than just by getting up with the first alarm.

If anything, it’s recommended to actually set the alarm 15 minutes before the time you actually have to get up, this way, you can give yourself time to adapt mentally and physically to being awake and start your day with a smooth transition instead of an abrupt 2 second jump. When we wake up 15 minutes before, not only do we ensure we’re ahead of schedule, but we also have enough time to stretch, think of what you have ahead of you and have a little introduction to the day where you’re more in control.

It is also advised to set a soothing alarm, that isn’t too aggressive or fast paced. If we set a musical alarm, our brains might recognize the melody before we wake up and will slowly start to drag us out of the dream into reality, making the transition even easier for us.

Drink water

In the best case scenario, your body has spent between 7–8 hours without a single drop of water. It’s highly recommended to drink water throughout the day, and the morning is no exception. Water not only helps to hydrate our bodies again, it also freshens up our system and helps our brain to concentrate easier on simple and complicated tasks.

Motivate yourself

Ever seen a movie where the main character does a little self-pep-talk in front of the mirror at some point? Well, as funny as it might be that sort of thing actually helps. You don’t need to come up with something epic like De Niro’s Travis in Taxi driver, nor do you need to make yourself go crazy trying to get tough. A small self-talk can be as motivating as reading an inspirational quote (especially if read out loud), or setting a small goal for the morning and acknowledging its achievement before leaving. Play motivational music throughout your morning routine. Smile to yourself. Whether you believe it or not, smiling regardless our current mood is a hack for our bodies, tricking it into thinking we’re happy and releasing an amount of dopamine to help us and our bodies to actually believe it. Read something pleasing like poetry or a couple inspirational quotes. Whatever makes you feel a bit happier is worth the shot.

You might not become Mr. or Mrs. Morning Person of the year tomorrow, but little by little you will see how changing those small things in your morning routine will start to affect the rest of your day and life in a very positive way. Keep your body fit, healthy and hydrated and you will be jumping out of bed with a whole new attitude, keep your mind healthy and fit and that attitude will last forever.

If you have any tips or questions on how to improve our morning routine, leave us a comment below and don’t forget to smile everyday.