Why it is a good time for Women to start their own business

Starting up a business can be very tough during the first couple months or maybe even years. Regardless your gender, venturing in the market by yourself can be quite challenging and scary, however, women by themselves have always had it tougher than men. Nowadays, overcoming this burden, there are more women starting up their businesses every day; the statistics have increased to the point where women-run business are exponentially growing, especially in the Latino and women of color communities.

Despite how things have always been run by men, in the present day, upcoming groups of women are taking over the market. A great example is Cuban born Nely Galan, who despite all pronostics of her competitors, is now owner of Galan Entertainment and has produced 700 episodes of original shows, including The Swan.

Just in 2007, 8 of every 10 entrepreneur women were of color, making it one of the fastest entrepreneurial growing demographics in the U.S. There’s been a 137% raise on Latina-run-businesses, which is significantly larger than any other demographic group at present. Not only are more and more women fighting the stereotypes made by men during all these centuries, they’re also very good at it. However, the pace with which it’s growing could be even faster if numbers were different. Behind closed doors, it is still a widely men dominated world, where although a more equal education and better opportunities are being offered to people of color, including women of course, the big businesses are still run by white men and there’s still sexism on the boards where women feel or have experienced oppression of some kind. Women are outnumbered and down talked to, due to their gender or race. Another good example is Jazmin Truesdale, founder of Aza Entertainment who reportedly claimed to have been the only woman of color in meetings and the attitude her colleagues had produced a rather negative and sceptical mood towards her race, gender and achievements. This issue has always been present and it becomes intimidating, if not disappointing for young entrepreneurs who are first starting their lives in the market.

It is true that our modern society is noticeably fighting gender and race stereotypes, and it is also true that women in general have access to a much better education if not equal as men nowadays. However, the co-founder of StudentMentor.org says it’s “kind of a boys club”. Nevertheless, relentless women are taking the challenge regardless their nationality or skin color. Where many see discrimination and patriarchy, some others see a challenge worth taking where there’s always going to be a hidden opportunity. In 2007 and before, most of women-run businesses were rather small, generating in average less than $70.000 per year in revenue. In 2016 that number has dramatically increased and the amount of color-women-run-businesses is well over 4.500.000, a number that looks very promising for young entrepreneurs looking to dive in the market with a new idea or who want to skip the branding process and run with a Franchise.

Not everything is sexism and oppression though. Women are nowadays being encouraged to start their own business regardless the field and only based on their education; there are currently multiple government and private based programs focused on helping women out to build their brand, business or entrepreneurial spirit. Within the next years the gender-gap will hopefully be reduced to zero, and the amount of opportunities offered to women and men will be just the same. Although it is still a tough time to get their game on and leave their job to start a business of their own, women have a much higher chance nowadays of making any business a successful revenue generator under any circumstances. Family values and the general mentality of the average american are changing towards a more balanced and equal distribution of duties, professions and so forth. Racial stereotypes, though still present, are being addressed to and by doing so, a more tolerant attitude is being cultivated among american citizens. With motivation, dedication, respect and hard work from both men and women across the country, there shouldn’t be anything in the future that will only be a “man’s job.”