The importance of Design QA in digital product design
Jess Eddy

Fantastic points and Design QA is very necessary. When I get the opportunity to do a couple rounds of QA with my development teams, I always feel much better about what we are releasing.

Apologize if this has been asked, but when I do design reviews or design QA with whats been developed, I am never sure what design “bugs” or issues that I see are worth forcing a pause or additional work. For instance, do you delay a developer from doing tasks like building in test automation or ensuring the system is stable in order to adjust the padding on a table. While nothing works great without a good design AND good development, I always think that nothing will work at all without good development. Do you have any recommendations for how to evaluate what is worth stopping/delaying development for? Have you experienced this?

Again, great article and thank you for your time.