Hey Medium, Get The Ringer Off Top Stories

You’re f@cking up what made you great.

We get it, Ev Williams.

Bringing Bill Simmons’ new website, The Ringer, to Medium seems like a great business move.

You monetize the your company, and prove the model to others.

But Medium was special BECAUSE it wasn’t dominated by corporate backed writers. People who can push their stories about Beyonce’s insane fans, Red Sox baseball, and Steph Curry’s impact on ticket sales by virtue of an ungodly large following behind them.

In short, you’ve guaranteed every day’s top stories is dominated by one website whether we like it or not.

Instead, what we want are the best stories written by nobody's. Individuals who feel like they have to write something. Those are the stories that I want to make it onto my radar. To rise to the surface with so many shares that I have to invest 8 minutes to read them.

That’s what Medium great.

But as I look at the top stories today… here’s what I see.

(The Ringer writers have GREEN avatars)
That’s 20 out of 40 articles written by The Ringer….

So do us a favor, and keep monetizing the site. Just don’t force-feed The Ringer onto us. Don’t let it drown out the stories we’ll love tomorrow.

Make Medium Great Again.

If you feel the same way as I do, please recommend this article below to spread the word to Ev Williams, CEO of Medium.