Open Borders Resolution — DSA National Convention 2019

Elijah S.
Elijah S.
May 29 · 4 min read

To sign on to the resolution, fill out this form by June 2nd.

Whereas Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) members across the country organize on a daily basis for anti-imperialism, immigrant justice, labor rights, ecosocialism, and many other issues, with a core belief in solidarity between the workers of the world and an international socialist movement;

Whereas DSA is an internationalist socialist organization, and as such it recognizes that socialists fight to build working class power for all people, regardless of immigration status or country of residence;

Whereas borders serve to undermine the international working class, by pitting immigrant and citizen workers in America — and foreign and American workers — against each other in a race to the bottom;

Whereas border and immigration enforcement are tools of white supremacy, capitalism and imperialism;

Whereas borders, their creation, and their enforcement, erase the existence and sovereignty of indigenous peoples;

Whereas borders are, and will increasingly be, utilized to violently dominate and restrict people’s movement as climate change pushes people from their homes;

Whereas border and interior immigration enforcement threaten immigrant workers’ ability to organize;

Whereas Comprehensive Immigration Reform policies seek to control who “deserves” entrance to and/ or permanence in the US, and offer empty promises of protection for resident immigrants in exchange for increased border enforcement, and thus will continue to undermine solidarity and organizing efforts for immigrant justice;

Whereas immigration policy, and its enforcement practices, are set on the federal level, without democratic input or accountability and thus demands a nationally coordinated response;

Whereas the continual assault on immigrants’ rights from both the right and the center produces a reactionary, short-sighted view on immigration that reinforces border securitization, which pervades even leftist spaces and thus necessitates a positive, radical vision for immigration justice and internationalism;

Be it resolved that DSA supports the demand for open borders;

Be it resolved that DSA supports the the uninhibited transnational free movement of people, the demilitarization of the US-Mexico border, the abolition of ICE and CPB without replacement, decriminalization of immigration, full amnesty for all asylum seekers and a pathway to citizenship for all non-citizen residents;

Be it resolved that DSA develops political education resources to be shared with chapters across the country to deepen and broaden the understanding of the demand for open borders and how to fight for it. These efforts shall be made in coordination between the national Immigrants’ Rights Working Group, the International Committee, and chapters and members across the country working on issues of immigration justice and internationalism;

Be it resolved that DSA recognizes and reflects our support for open borders in our evaluations and endorsement of political campaigns.

Signed by
Elijah Stevens — NYC-DSA & outgoing nat’l Immigrants’ Rights WG OC member
Brandon Rey Ramirez — DSA LA & outgoing nat’l Immigrants’ Rights WG OC member
Yesenia Padilla — San Diego DSA
Eva Lucía — NYC-DSA
Shauna McKenna — San Diego DSA
Zac Echola, Red River Valley DSA, National Steering Committee
Jack Suria Linares — DSA LA
Doug T — MDC-DSA, Co-Chair, Internal OC
Madi M — NYC-DSA
Olivia Katbi Smith, Portland DSA, Co-Chair
Jade K — Omaha DSA, Co-Chair
Michael L Inouye — Honolulu DS, Co-Chair
Laura Colaneri — Chicago DSA, Socialist Feminist Working Group Steering Committee
Austin Gonzalez — Richmond DSA
Jaysonn Vel — Rio Grande Valley DSA
Cassandra C — MDC-DSA, At-Large Steering Committee Member
Theodore Edwards — NYC-DSA, Co-Chair of Bronx/Upper Manhattan Branch
Dan La Botz — NYC-DSA
Sherry Baron — NYC-DSA
Sus Volz — Philly DSA, National Ecosocialist Working Group SC
James Suazo — DSA Long Beach, Co-Chair
Elizabeth — DSA Long Beach
Emiliano Carrillo — DSA Long Beach
Marvin Gonzalez — NYC-DSA
Michael M — NYC-DSA
Jordan Brown — NYC-DSA
Justin Charles — NYC-DSA
Emmy Hammond — NYC-DSA
Rose Sayre — NYC-DSA
Samuel Schenerman — Northern NJ DSA
M Larson — NYC-DSA
Jordan H — Binghamton DSA, Organizing Committee
Kevin Joerger — DSA Long Beach, Local Steering Committee
Tiffany H — DSA Long Beach

To sign on to the resolution, fill out this form by June 2nd. Please send questions or friendly amendments to

In the spirit of the creating and encouraging political education about open borders, here are a few great resources on the subject:

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