Statistics show that America is by far the most out of shape country on the planet. Obesity is a serious issue that has gotten severely out of hand. These problems are easily solvable by simple being active and eating healthy. Yeah the solution may sound simple, and to an extent it is. However, people have fallen into such bad habits that breaking them is the real underlying challenge.

With fitness being such a big part of who I am in various ways, I can personally say that the benefits greatly outweigh negatives, which are few and far between. So an hour out of your day is gone, not a huge loss. There are so many different ways you could stay fit, from working out in a gym or running around playing pickup basketball with some friends, the directions that you could take it are endless. You will be much better off physically and mentally than you would be if you weren’t so active in your daily life. You will look and feel better about yourself which means an increase in self-esteem and confidence booster.

Being physically fit is one of the greatest things that you could do for yourself. I know that it has definitely changed my life for the better and there’s no reason that you wouldn’t be able to reap the same benefits. All it takes is a little time, effort, and a lot of dedication.

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