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Ryan Chadha

Wow. Just wow. Are you me? I was obsessed with getting into finance since I was probably about 14. Started trading options when I was 16. Got straight A’s in all my undergraduate finance classes. Began studying for the CFA during senior year of college which I passed right after graduation in 2010. Didn’t land my first finance job until about 8 months after graduation at probably one of the worst ‘finance’ firms in Manhattan. Studied and passed Level 2 of the CFA. Interviewed at several investment banks, but could never land the job because I didnt have the necessary background or the pedigree. One hedge fund I interviewed questioned my reason for even being there. I remember during the interview refuting one of his points with a quote from Warren Buffet. Although ny journey didnt last 7 years, more like 3, I, too chose to go down a different path and now work for a digital marketing agency. Good luck man!

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