Always Find Your Calling

I grew up with the mentality that you should always finish what you start.

In life, we won’t always know what we want to do, but we are going to know what we don’t want to do. When you figure out that you are walking down a path that doesn’t align with your interests, you should find something else to do.

Back in college, I always thought I wanted to be a civil engineer because I’ve always had a passion for buildings. My interest stemmed from my dad being in construction and bringing me to job sites. I should’ve realized that my passion was very different from the number of classes related to my major put me to sleep. However, I constantly told myself that I’ve already invested four years so I need to see this to the end.

After graduating college, I received an offer from a structural precast company. I was so excited to finally work that felt like I was on Cloud 9. Shortly after, I fell off the cloud and dropped back into reality where I was very unsatisfied with my life. I always thought I could achieve more, but never knew what I wanted to do.

After two years, I left the company and decided to transition into being a software engineer so I attended a bootcamp in San Francisco on a whim. I knew that startups were doing exciting things and I wanted to be apart of the growing culture of impacting change around the world.

After the bootcamp, I realized coding wasn’t a passion of mine. I was fascinated by how businesses operated and were able to scale. I saw a need in the market after graduating from a bootcamp and realized that many people coming out had to apply to hundreds of jobs and interview at tons of companies before being able to land an offer. However, many of the mistakes people make from their interviews could’ve been prevented if they just prepared a bit more. I saw the need and decided to fill the void.

For the first time in my life, I took my very first leap and started Outco with a couple friends and the rest we say is history. Outco has grown a tremendous amount since we started the company over 1 year ago and has helped over 170+ software engineer level up. The program that was initially created to help bootcamp graduates now helps recent college grads, bootcamp grads, and experienced software engineers.

I recently left Outco, but found my passion and developed my skill set to help companies grow.

Never settle. Always find your calling.

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