Always remember

that life is full of lies

and endless chapters of goodbyes

At any given time

god change your directions

when you least expect it

The worst thing you can do is panic

the best thing you can do is accept it

and try to understand it

Always try your best

to overcome all odds and different obstacles

even when winning is illogical

Make losing far from optional

life can get rough and difficult

accept it like its typical

Sometimes words can hurt you

more than chemicals

I am thanking god for a son like you

You are a miracle

Hear Nikki from CHIP perform Stevens Jean’s poem here on the Tearing Down the Walls Podcast from 27:57–28:56.




I’m just another one of them lost souls

whose seeking guidance and help

on things that I can’t control

I am desperately in need of spiritual growth

and there is no limit to how far I will go

I have my heart purified and sound like gold

Only you know what the future holds

that’s why i am reaching out to you

My dreams are to become a better person

and a productive human being

in society too

Lord please take this burden away from me

because i can’t live this life of sin by myself

That’s why i am turning to you for help

because when push comes to shove

I want to know where you and i stand

In Jesus name i pray,


*here Steven’s Jean perform his poetry live from jail here at 39:02-



Stevens Jean

Stevens Jean

Came from poverty, in the mountains of Haiti, now incarcerated in the U.S. Growing up, I was taught love, respect, and loyalty. Writing my story through poetry.