Steven Sluyter — 5 Reasons You Need a DJ at Your Reception

Wedding receptions are considered as the culmination of your wedding. It’s where everyone is get to talk to anyone and even dance with some of the guests. The reception is one of the best parts of your wedding that you want you and your guests to enjoy.

So, the question now is why should you hire a wedding DJ? Well, there are a lot of reasons, however, here are some of the most convincing and realistic reasons to consider.

Things you should know about hiring a DJ by Steven Sluyter

  1. Way Cheaper than A Band

It’s way cheaper than a band especially if you’re considering a band that has a music or genre specialty. With a DJ, you’re hiring one person to play the music you love all night long. Most of the time, a DJ is a one-man-band but he will surely won’t compromise your music and the reception. Therefore, getting a DJ is more friendly to your pocket. You also don’t need to give more floor space to a DJ, unlike a band. So, when scouting for a location for your wedding, you don’t need to spend more on a larger floor space.

2. Simple to Work With

As stated, a DJ is usually a one-man-band, so, working with him is really easy. You can provide him a list of the songs you want to hear played in the reception. You can even hire him to also control the music during the ceremony; that’s hitting two birds in one stone, right? Aside from this, a DJ can also create a mix for your first dance. Communicate with your DJ ahead if you have something like this in mind. Or check out Steven Sluyter profile for an amazing DJ services.

3. Can Play Dozens of Songs

Are you familiar with band breaks during gigs? Well, that can also happen during your reception because the vocalist also has to take a rest. Unlike a DJ, he can play for longer sets considering that he won’t be the one who’ll be singing. So, consider the consistency of the music when you choose a DJ.

4. Professional like DJ Steven Sluyter

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between a professional DJ and a newcomer, well, a lot. You have to hire a professional DJ because DJing isn’t just shuffling songs. It also follows precision and also the flow of your reception. A professional DJ ensures that what you’ve noted during your meetings are met, or even surpassing your expectation.

5. Updated Tunes

If you’re a couple who loves to see their guests enjoy and dance, then hire a DJ. Remember that DJs have access to a lot of new and popular songs on the dance floor unlike bands who often have to stick to a set that they have to play. DJs are more flexible and you can even encourage your guests to request a song that they want to dance to while they celebrate your love.

A DJ like Steven Sluyter has these qualities and even more. So, make sure to set an appointment with your DJ now and don’t forget to bring with you your song list. Remember, it’s better to be prepared than to panic. Enjoy planning your wedding day!