Chairs you need to buy for Back Pains.

Back Pain affects most people at some point of time; especially for those who work in front of computer for more than 8 hours.

No matter how well you position your chair, it is necessary to get up every 30–60 minutes and take a stroll around.

If you’re going to buy a new chair, consider few factors mentioned here before buying a chair:

Ergonomic Design– A chair with ergonomic design supports your back all day long. The curve at the back is necessary since it keeps our spinal cord in its natural position. Moving forward occasionally helps your back muscles to relax promoting blood circulation.

High back– A chair is qualified for sitting if the back is high enough to support your shoulders when seated.

Lumbar Support– Our back is divided into upper and lower back. The lower back bares the weight of entire upper body when seating.

Arm Rests– Arm rest supports your hands while typing, as it isn’t comfortable to hang your hands in air when seating. Arm rest comes in handy when reclining in your free time.

Rebounding Seat Pan– Since chair involves long term seating, a foam filled seat pan is vital part of the chair.

According to my opinion, a seat pan must align with the bottom of the users without poking the tailbone. A seat pan that deflates after some months may start giving problems like Coccyx Pain.

Pneumatic Adjustments– Nowadays every chair has a pneumatic adjustment that includes height, armrest and lumber adjustment. A chair should have handy lever to perform these adjustments. And if these adjustments come in a single lever then, the user doesn’t have to fiddle with multiple levers.

Since, you are thorough with the factors i would like to suggest you with few chairs. One such chair would be

Ergohuman High Back Office Chair

Butterfly design supports the entire back.

The innovative back design resembles butterfly wings supported by a solid metal rod that helps you to sit flexibly all day long. The curvy design gives separate support to your lower back.

The soft seat pan doesn’t make it tiring to sit for longer hours. You can order this in different mesh colors like Blue, Black, Burgundy, Copper Green and Grey.

Further comfort is delivered by the cushioned head rest coming into use when leaning back. Total weight of the chair is 64 pounds offering a swiveling motion along with weight capacity up to 200 pounds.

You just have to pull the lever at the right to adjust your height. The dual curve acts as lumbar support simultaneously with the back. The headrest moves at various angles while sitting as well leaning.

Exoskeleton Ergonomic Design.

The tilt back helps you to recline whenever you feel like relaxing. The chair has adjustable armrests which can change angles and the height adjustment button elevates it.

Now, swivel along your workplace to increase body movement as the chair offers a complete 360-degree swiveling motion.

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