A Rant From A Rootless Cosmopolite #JewsMuslimsResistTogether

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“If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” Winston Churchill

I’ll say it right now and right here.

If Linda Sarsour wants to reach out to our community and express solidarity and common cause I welcome her.

That doesn’t mean that I agree with everything she has said and it doesn’t mean that she (and her community) will agree with what I believe and stand for at all times.

I mean, for all their (sometimes dreadful) faults, I found reasons to admire Menachem Begin and even Ariel Sharon. Ariel Sharansky is a hero to me on many levels.

Sure, I’m more of a rootless cosmopolite kind of NY Jew and my real role models are crazy Jewish guys like Albert Ellis and Doc Paskowitz who saw the real potential of humanity and creativity. But… but… but… I’m not halal for a bunch of folks who often say things I don’t think are kosher.

Albert Ellis. Rabbi of Rational Behavior.

Sarsour’s said some stupid shit. But more importantly, she’s doing something extremely valuable and positive for both the Muslim and Jewish communities right here and right now.

Sansour’s organizing and simple gestures of kindness are meaningful. Sure, they have political weight. That’s OK.

I am still optimistic enough to think that on top of the common battle to assert ourselves as Americans against the wave of authoritarian batshit crazy that perhaps American Muslims and Jews can start listening to one another.

Turf wars are not a cause, they are a symptom. We are not in a post-nationalist utopia YET so we need borders, laws, good fences. But Shimon Peres’ ideas about common markets are the real direction for humanity. Even if it takes us a few more thousand years to get there. (If we don’t do it, the cockroaches will work it out after we extinguish ourselves)

• The situation with Rasmea Odeh is tougher to stomach, but at this moment, at this time in our country, coalition building is not going to be easy. She was convicted of murder of innocent people… I would not advocate whitewashing her crimes. Nor would I work with her directly.

• But does her involvement delegitimize the Womens Day protests on March 8th? It does not. Womens Day is important, fighting Trump is paramount.

• Churchill knew exactly what Stalin was and he allied himself with Stalin to save western civilization and his country.

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