Reveal: Intentional Community

There is only one community dorm that drives themselves intensely to be unified: Reveal, but you might know it better as Drew Hall. While the building existed since 1950s, the program started in the fall of 2013.

Hearing from current residents it seems that all of them had strong intention to join Reveal. “I chose to be in Reveal because I wanted to try to take my relationship with God to the next level. I figured that if there were an intentional community on a Christian college campus, I couldn’t do much better than that if I wanted to surround myself with similarly minded people-those looking for God,” said Ian Bleecker.

“I chose to be in Reveal because I was looking for a place of safety and rest. Reveal provided me the opportunity to live with other people who were all seeking the same goal,” said Drew Morgan, male RA in Drew Hall.

Turns out their expectations came into fruition since the residents gained more than they asked for. Ian Bleecker said, “I got a lot of support for my spiritual journey, many new friends, and a sense of family that would not normally be found in another dorm. I also learned how to play guitar.”

Some have learned new things as well. “Though we are relational, we are also selfish, and learning to live in harmony with other people often means forgetting the self and putting others first even when you don’t feel like it. It means having hard conversations and doing hard things. Living in community requires a community mindset rather than an individualist one,” said Caitlin Keniston.

On how people could make Reveal a better experience Ian Bleecker said, “Get rid of visitation for the second semester-but leave it as it is for the first semester. I also think that more frequent house dinners would help bond the community. Every couple of weeks kind of let you forget that they are a thing.”

“I think the way to get the most out of the Reveal program is by making sure that you have allotted the appropriate time to it. So my only suggestion would be to make sure everyone can commit the time necessary to invest in the community,” said Drew Morgan.

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