Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike 
 — John F Kennedy

To be fit and solid you should be physically dynamic. Consistent physical action can help shield you from genuine maladies, for example, stoutness, coronary illness, growth, dysfunctional behavior, diabetes and joint pain. Riding your bike frequently is a standout amongst other approaches to diminish your danger of medical issues related with an inactive way of life.

Cycling is a sound, low-affect practice that can be delighted in by individuals of any age, from youthful youngsters to more seasoned grown-ups. It is likewise fun, shoddy and useful for the earth.

Riding to work or the shops is a standout amongst the most time-effective approaches to join normal exercise with your regular schedule. An expected one billion individuals ride bikes each day — for transport, amusement and sport.

What Is Cycling?

The idea of cycling was developed by Baron Karl von Drais, in the year 1817. What he concocted wasn’t precisely the bike which we know and utilize. He really concocted the strolling machine that helped him to stroll in the regal gardens speedier. This gadget had wheels, yet didn’t have any apparatuses, chains, and hawks. Additionally, it advanced by pushing his feet against the ground. The main bikes were fabricated totally extraordinary and were not so agreeable as now. With a change in this innovation, this rough gadget was in the long run changed into the advanced bike.

In the beneath timetable, I have selected what I thought to be the greatest, most intriguing parts of the bike’s history to give you some thought of what they’ve been, so you can be appropriately astonished by what they are presently.

· 1817 — Draisienne or the “Running Machine”: Invented by Barn Karl von Drais, Germany; This machine was less like a bicycle, in the modern sense of the word. It did have a typical bicycle frame and two wheels, but it was propelled by walking (apparently the bicycle allowed more of a gliding walk), as opposed to peddling.

· 1870s — High-wheeled bicycle: One of the first models to be called a “bicycle” (after its two wheels). The high wheel allowed the rider to travel farther with a single rotation of the pedals. Moreover, a metal frame and rubber tires provided a more comfortable ride than the boneshaker.

· 1888 — Pnuematic tires: Invented by John Boyd Dunlop, Ireland; Develops air-filled tires that provide a smoother ride than the previously used hard-rubber tires.

· 1940s — Built-in kickstands developed.

· 1960s — Racing bicycles become popular and feature dropped handlebars, narrow tires, numerous speeds and a lighter frame.

· 1980 — Spurred by mountain biking and extreme sports, mountain bicycles become a popular consumer item and feature sturdier frames, larger wheels and flat handlebars.

· 1996 — Mountain bicycles appear in the Olympics.

Health Benefits Of Cycling

The human body requires physical activity for normal functioning. At least thirty minutes of moderate to intense physical activity is very important and is required in order to achieve long-term health. Other than the physical health benefits, there are social and mental health benefits that make cycling an enjoyable activity as well. Some of these health benefits include the following:

· Cycling is an activity that involves a great deal of pedaling. Usually, it is assumed that this activity helps only in toning the muscles of the calf and thighs, but it is actually an overall physical workout and involves the movement of almost every part of the body.

· During cycling, the heart beats faster than usual. This exercises the heart and promotes good health. Studies on middle aged men showed positive results in terms of cardiovascular function.

· Diabetes expands the danger of different ailments, for example, coronary illness, stroke, skin infections, visual ailments, kidney ailment, and a wide assortment of others. Diabetes can be controlled by physical movement, which incorporates cycling. It can be extremely helpful in controlling diabetes as the glucose exhibit in the cells is depleted and the glucose from the blood is attracted by the cells and changed over into valuable vitality.

· Cycling helps increase the body’s stamina and gives a boost to the endurance capacity of a person. Energy levels get higher, resulting in enthusiasm at work and generally higher energy for all normal activities.

· Bicycle riding can be taken up for reducing stress and having fun. Experts say that playing any kind of sport can reduce stress, but in most cases, playing sports might not be possible for many people. Instead, one can spend time riding a bicycle, which is also equally beneficial in reducing stress and depression.

· Cycling is a widely accepted pain-reduction strategy that is often implemented on children but is just as useful for adults.

· Cycling is an excellent exercise for burning calories. A person cycling with a speed of 10 mph burns 260 calories in an hour. Cycling exercises the muscles in the thighs and the buttocks. Regular working out helps a person maintain a lean body structure.

· The incidence of diseases, such as cancer, can be reduced significantly by adopting physical activities like cycling and running. Studies show that for those people who took up moderate to high physical activities in early and middle ages, had a reduced risk of cancer, compared to the ones that did not.

· It has been noted to be outstanding amongst other activities for both forestalling and diminishing joint inflammation. Outside cycling and indoor static cycling are both similarly useful in diminishing and forestalling joint inflammation. Muscles in the thighs and lower legs are utilized while cycling and their flexing are gainful.

Environmental Impact Of Cycling

Cycling is an earth amicable method of transportation since it diminishes contamination in our neighborhood and lessens the outflow of nursery gasses. In this way, it advances great wellbeing as well as a superior domain. Cycling 10 km consistently to work can keep the emanation of no less than 1.3 tons of nurseries gasses every year. This diminishes the danger of numerous deadly illnesses and medical problems influencing a large number of individuals because of air contamination.

Traveler autos in urban communities are the greatest wellspring of nursery gasses like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons. These unsafe gas discharges harm the sensory system and are likewise in charge of extreme respiratory issues. Research says that individuals cycle’s identity less inclined to the evil impacts of contamination as they have a tendency to take in less dirtied air. Studies have uncovered that consistently in Australia, 900 to 2000 early passings happen because of air contamination. Around 900 to 4500 instances of cardiovascular diseases, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues have been accounted for in Australia consistently that cost around 1.5 to 3.8 billion dollars in restorative costs. It is maybe the main methods for transport that does not cause any such ailments, while really assisting the individuals who are as of now experiencing such issues.

The inhabitants of Mumbai doesn’t gets amazed when they spot bollywood star Salman Khan cycling on streets of Bandra. For them it’s been a standard marvel however as of late, what he declared at the public interview was minimal startling and delightful for his fans. The on-screen character’s retail image ‘Being Human’ propelled a scope of e-cycles under ‘Being Human E-Cycle’ mark. The brand disclosed two variations of the e-cycle, BH27 and BH12 that would be accessible in four hues — white, yellow, red and dark. The organization intends to take off more variations in the following couple of months. The e-bicycle, which resembles a consistent bike, has a scope of around 30 km and can be rode at speed of as high as 25 kmph. The bicycles are estimated between Rs. 39,990 and Rs. 57,190 relying upon the energy of the battery. The e-bicycle utilizes a battery pack, which triggers the impetus arrangement of the bike with the switch of a catch. At first, the Being Human E-Cycles will be accessible just in Mumbai however the organization has plans to go dish India in the following couple of months.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Bicycle Market Outlook, 2022”, domestic players like Hero Cycles, TI Cycles, Avon and Atlas together constitute for almost 75% of the market revenues. The foreign companies in the bicycle market of India have entered through joint ventures and provide their distribution rights to domestic companies. Major international companies offering their products through this kind of partnership are Shimano Inc., Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Trek Bicycle Corporation, The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) and Hercules Cycle and Motor Company Limited. Apart from this there are companies which have set up their subsidiaries in India, for instance, Scott Sports SA operates in India as Scott Sports India Private Limited. The popularity of bicycles is being increasing particularly in the elite class of people owing to increase in disposable income, growing health consciousness among people and adoption of cycling as a means of recreational activity. Cycling has emerged out as an efficient option for today’s busy world. It offers work out while commuting, at the same time helps in reducing stress and anxiety, thus keeping one fit and fab. The demand is further accelerated by opinion leaders like Salman Khan, John Abraham, who possess the power of influencing the population to a large extent. Thus usage and promotion of bicycles by these celebrities will attract a large number of people.

Major companies operating in the bicycle market of India are Hero Cycles Limited, Tube Investments of India Limited, Avon Cycles Limited, Atlas Cycles Limited, Firefox Bikes Private Limited, Starkenn Sports Private Limited, Naren International (Suncross Bikes) and Decathlon Sports India Private Limited.