How Facebook Changed The World….

Just a few things in my opinion

In 2004, 13 years ago Mark Zuckerberg created a site for his fellow Havard alum’s. By late 2005 it was worldwide for other colleges. In late 2006 it was released to anyone over the age of 13. From what started as a site to share notes between Havard students rapidly changed into a great way to stay in touch with friends and family you may often not see.

Now it seems 13 years later Facebook has 1.86 billion active users and makes 27 billion dollars, and seems to be used to post your political point of view. A site for people all ages to sit in the comfort of their home and attack strangers because they don’t agree with them on a certain issue. For a racist person to post and see how many likes he can get from fellow racist. For a man to publically tell a woman she has no right in the work place. Its amazing how such a good thing turned into such a hateful place. Almost no one can go on without reading something hateful about their sex, race, or religan.

But don’t think Facebook is all bad. The rise of Memes take the horrible and try to out way it with humor. You can guarantee that a treading situation will turn into a meme within the first hour. From Thug Life to Howbow Dah. There will always be something to tickle your fancy.

But people still find away to take these funny memes to attack someone else. Like no matter what we do the hate will always out way the good on Facebook.

Facebook has also been the place for movements recently. From the women’s rights movement to the Black live matter movement. To spread the word. To spread their voice. To show the world that the hate still exists. To try and spark a change. A movement. A revolution. To video tape an assault and stream it live for all of your friends to see. Facebook could potentially save a life. If it hasn’t already.

Its a good place to be as well if your a business owner. Nothing like free advertisement. You can promote your company. One client or customer can share it among his/her friends and now you have more customers. Post about a good and get the reviews from what really matter “the people.”

So just a quick recap before I finish.

  • Stay in contact with long lost friends/family
  • Spread hate to your hate mongering friends
  • Keep the positivity with funny memes (President Cheeto)
  • Giving a voice to the voiceless.
  • Sparking a revolution.
  • Free Advertisement

I’m sure there are plenty of way Facebook has changed the world. But here are a few. I can tell you one way it’s changed a world. If you’re Mr. Zuckerberg. As everyone is Facebooking, you’re just sitting. Rolling in the money. And that my friends is the original #Thuglife.

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