“Big League” Betting — Big Money Betting on Presidential Debates

Donald Trump says the word “rigged” five times or more.

“WikiLeaks” is said four times or more.

Trump says “tremendous” nine times.

These are some of the strange bets that can be placed on tonight’s upcoming presidential debate. Now, political betting is not exactly the oldest form of betting, however these new types bets are. Especially with a character like Mr. Trump, strange things have been happened in what used to be a normal political atmosphere. These binary bets attract a new crowd of gambling, who place bets and watch the debates with laser focus, watching for these odd bets to come true.

Bets range from a couple cents, to thousands of dollars. Volume of these bets is quantifiable in a couple of different ways but it the simplest terms, hundreds of thousands of these “betting contracts” can be exchanged in the mere hours before the two take the stage.

It is most certainly fitting that tonight’s debate will be held in Las Vegas, however you don’t have to be in Vegas to place a bet. The online site PredictIt.org trades thousands of these “contracts”, or bets on days like today , and the crowd on these sites also gives some of their strange philosphies and strategies that are worth taking a look at.

Will fortunes be made at tonight’s debate, or simply squandered?