How to Make a Comic Themed YouTube Banner in Photoshop CC! (2017 Tutorial)

Learn how to create a comic themed YouTube banner/channel art using Adobe Photoshop CC. I talk about the use of layers, adjustment layers (hue/saturation, color balance, color curves) and blend modes (soft light). I also go over the use of brush and their properties (soft round brush) and how to use it in this easy tutorial. I recommend fonts to use to fit the theme, how to add the ripped paper effect and how to use your youtube channel thumbnails in this video. I strongly recommend you to be creative with this style. You can do a lot with it, even if you don’t know how to use Photoshop that well. This video isn’t that hard to follow, even for beginners.

FREE Comic Themed YouTube Banner: (link @ 500 likes)
Comic Fonts: