The Game is Changing

Qias Omar Productions and the QrewKicks team at Sneaker Con.

Everyone at SneakerCon wanted to meet this guy. He just finished his tour with Crep Protect around North America and I would’ve never imagined a guy who makes YouTube videos about shoes would be able to accomplish something like that. Qias isn’t an athlete, comedian, or artist but he attracted thousands to this convention.

Social media has changed the game. If you have something interesting to show for, you can make a career out of it. Everybody is interested in something. Make content revolving around that thing that starts a fire inside of you. Do that every day and you’ll get somewhere.

Less than a decade ago, you would’ve never seen an internet personality on Finishline commercial, or anything even close to that. Qias did it, and so did a lot of other influencers who are creating content.

Put in the hours and you can do the same.