Like your thoughts, but many of them, I’m afraid, are not going to come easily.
Michael Long

I guess I’m more optimistic. Maybe it is because I live in the Netherlands. True: nobody likes to pay taxes here either, but we do like our system of public education, public healthcare, etc..

But even if you are right, and we will end up in a world with a small number of ‘haves’ and a big bunch of ‘have-nots’ (and this world is how the world already is today, only right now both you and me are still lucky enough te be in the first category), what if the scraps and leftovers we are fighting over are still better than the top 0.1% could even dream of right now? Just like a middle-class European is way more wealthier and healthier than the great kings and emperors just a few centuries ago?

Just some more thoughts :)

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