Having prices reduced dramatically is no help when people don’t have the jobs and income to…
Michael Long

Probably all humans will be considered relatively ‘unskilled or semi-skilled' in a few decades. Right now, ‘a job = income’. We humans add some value (every month), and get some money in return (every month). But we will be of no added value for long.

But is there any particular reason why we need to lock income to jobs?

Maybe we can all afford to be a business owner? Where the business is just a value-adding-income-generating widget on your smartphone?

Or maybe we ‘just' need to redistribute wealth. The upcoming century might be known as the era where we all praise the tax man?

Or maybe the abundancy of it all makes us forget about money and we all become aristocratic philosophers? Filling our days by questioning the meaning of life?

Or maybe (probably) humans will find ways to add value after all.

Just some thoughts.