How much should I charge?
Nathan Kontny

Great timing. I love the garden approach.

We are launching a tool to help clean up your CRM’s contact data (automatically- daily) and I’m really trying to create a plan that encourages the behavior (habit) we want users to exhibit.

We were going to go the set plan price route since it is easy to forecast revenue — # plans x $XX per month = revenue.

Any variable pricing really puts the pressure on the team to not only work our butts off to get people to try the product, but also to make a product users are happy to pay for.

The irony is that some of the CRM companies (The one building a tower in San Francisco) we’ve approached already don’t care of the model (Free + pay for what you use) ~ since it is so new and “undefined.”

I think if we pull this off our marketing will get easier since the relationship between product price and value to what you want to do should be linear and easy to accept.

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