I, Netizen — Issue #3

Hello again. As always, I’ll be live on the air on GFN 98.7 FM (live stream: gfn.or.kr) in about 30 minutes from right now! Here’s a preview of the topic:

This Week’s Radio Topic

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Psychologists Turn Conservatives Into Liberals With One Strange Thought Experiment | IFLScience — www.iflscience.com 
 Studies have consistently shown that turning liberals into conservatives (at least temporarily) is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is scare them. No

You Probably Missed This

Pi 2017.10.19 future of truth and misinformation featured

The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online | Pew Research Center — www.pewinternet.org 
 Experts are split on whether the coming years will see less misinformation online. Those who foresee improvement hope for technological and societal solutions.

Something I Wrote

Defending the Dark Art of Negative SEO — www.stevendward.com

A case study of a highly technical area that we really need to be having some open discussions about: a useful and positive use of a “Black hat” negative SEO tactic.