Steven Bernstein founded Foreclosure Defense

Significantly experienced businessman Steven Bernstein — who holds a B.A., MBA and a law degree — founded Foreclosure Defense LLC in 2009 to help homeowners defend their houses during and following the collapse of the market. The company maintains a robust legal team that works with clients across the U.S. toward modifying and litigating against home servicers and securitized trusts. Teams include qualified attorneys, researchers, paralegals, process servers, expert witnesses, forensic auditors and more, all able to assist clients in each of the 50 states with the utmost care and service.

Steven Bernstein has implemented sophisticated software within his company, using the same Imminent Default Index (IDI) software banks and servicers use in qualifying homeowners for modifications. This allows Foreclosure Defense to professionally work with a client on litigation and mediation, helping to properly identify potential tracks. Bernstein’s teams routinely advise homeowners to use pros in modification packages and loan restructuring to avoid pitfalls and best understand securitization processes from top to bottom. Often, homes are entirely lost due to mistakes, errors or oversight — Foreclosure Defense helps prevent that occurrence with teams across the country of legally trained professionals.