Universal Cabinet Designs will support Universal Center for Development “Dreams Come True Building Fund Project” Universal Production Studio, through it’s Artistic apparels and Poster drive. The poster drive will provide a means of generating revenue and fundraising. The poster drive is conceptualized as a way of publicizing both the for-profit Universal Cabinet Designs and the not for profit Universal Center for Development.

Founder, Mr. Steven Willis, is a talented and experienced designer of music entertainment centers whose vision encompasses an entrepreneurial dream of business ownership with a humanitarian ethic of community service because of this vision, the company’s relationship with Mr. Willis “Universal Center for Development”, a district of columbia nonprofit, is a essential as the two are intertwined. While Universal Cabinet Designs exists to achieve profitability in its market niche of custom cabinet designs. Universal Center for Development, is a non profit that seeks to help young adults, from the target population is wide — the organization is committed to helping all young adults, from the temporarily unemployed to the recently incarcerated as they return to society and our returning wounded veterans. As such the mission of the two organizations is complementary. Ultimately, an individual trained by the non profit organization could be employed in the for profit business, or elsewhere in the for profit sector.

Universal Production Studio is introducing 2,000 artistic limited edition concept posters. Each poster will feature a unique cabinet design that blends modern technology with an aerodynamic design. These posters are collector items — now you see them, now you don’t! So hurry and get your exclusive concept posters. They can be purchased here for a limited time only! Also, look for our artistic t-shirt designs and other apparels.

Universal production studio

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