Today, I have Steve Jobs to thank for saving my life!

Many years ago in fact, 2004 I saw an advertisement about an Apple product that would read to me. Due to my disability, I had years of not comprehending what people say or understanding what I read. I heard about this product and knew this was what I needed. You see, I had a vision of making futuristic cabinets, and knew that this product would definitely save my life.

I became passionate about my project and my Apple Computer. I bought the Talking Apple Computer and personally taught myself on how to use it. I am a perfectionist for wanting to learn every aspect in getting every detail right. His product being so innovative, it helped me in all the right ways. I sacrificed in waiting many years for this opportunity in sticking with it come hell or high water, I am preparing to launch my project in appreciation for Apple’s innovative products.

Having so much respect for my passion that I am willing to admit that I may have been a little bit fanatical, even over-the-top, but thanks to God and Mr. Steve Jobs, and to all who I will never forget in making this all possible for me! With your support I will be ready to launch this project next!

I must say my disability has it time of getting in my way but I won’t let that get me down. For me, it’s been my life in looking for people like you’ll in helping me along the way. I am now 57 years old and my birthday is Nov. 3rd. I started this venture for my life purpose of being successful to see myself as someone special back in 1978. I do have all of my documents and papers to show I did start then. It is my wish to put all of my documents on display for all to see here at Universal Production Studio/exhibit. I feel it will inspire others along the way through their journey for success. So I thank you all for being here for me in making this possible! If there is to be success for me Indiegogo is the key .

These new cabinet designs extract the essence of futurism and modernism at the same time representing designs that support Apple product lines. With its new popular innovation from Universal Cabinet Designs. These entrainment centers will change the way we interact with electronics and stereo equipment. “YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE IT!” The first example of a new concept we call “My Art” It takes full advantage of multi-Touch technology all over it!

We plan to share the good news throughout social media to those individuals willing to support us in our endeavors for this fundraiser and will be acknowledged. We are looking forward to the opening date of Universal Production Studio. The 21st Century is sure to bring more innovation and new technology thus, Universal Production Studio would like to provide our students and communities with the communication of products and production services that will connect them to what’s coming and what’s important in their lives. Your donation to support us is greatly appreciated. All training provided to our students is free! Your donation today can ensure our students receive the support they will need to grow and become great citizens of our communities. All donations will be acknowledged.

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, random strangers — Tell EVERYBODY ABOUT OUR CAMPAIGN! Tell them we can do this!! Do it for your communities. Send them the link to indiegogo.com donate or share, post, comment, tweet, repost, like and re-tweet as much as possible! Please make your pledge today! Every bit of support counts!

We can never say enough good things about our supporters. You are the reason why we exist and we are constantly working hard to meet the needs for this campaign. To show your appreciation, in conjunction with this indiegogo.com account share our campaign with your family and friends using the Facebook or Twitter buttons on our homepage! We are making a special offer to the first five people who refer and make the most contributions to our website building universal production studio will receive a special gift. Only the top five will know what the gift is your support shall be acknowledged. So hurry offer ends soon!!

With Great Appreciation,

Steven Willis

CEO and Founder

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