Edugator — Learn Technology by Technology, Plan to launch in India (

Edugator ( a Global Technology Training Platform having its HQ is Saint Louis, MO,USA has officially planned to launch its major extension in India.

Edugator has planned to appoint Vishal Nigam , Bibin Babu and Ankur Banerjee as there Board of Directors so for the operations in India.

Edugator has always been a offline provider of Technology Education till now and has now focused to move the platform completely online by launching its extension in India. Edugator is proposed to be a tough competitor for all the major Technology Educators in Asia.

Edugator in India is backed up by Vishal Nigam and Bibin Babu , one of the most aggressive Techpreneuer in Country. Bibin is really active in terms of gaining market traction and involving the Government of India to promote Digital India via Edugator Associations, Vishal on the other hand is a Tech Geek, making the platform moto Learn Technology by Technology as the reality .

Edugator is targeting to cover the complete Indian Education Market not just by basic Technology Training Deliveries but also Edugator has initiated the discussion with the Tech giants like Cisco, AWS, VMware etc to join hands together to promote the Indian Technology Training Market to the next level.

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