What kinds of decisions are the hardest, is it actionable vs. non-actionable, reference vs. read later?
Yeah those are all black belt skills.
Tiago Forte

I think the hardest decisions are deciding what to punt and what to prioritize to do.

And this is made worse by my tendency to focus on sharpening my axe/optimize (hence I have loads of actionable articles to read, self improvement trick to try, apps to try)

I’ve found your comment here https://medium.com/forte-labs/the-secret-power-of-read-it-later-apps-6c75cc37ef42#.l2gs25muu about longer time horizon providing a better perspective for judging importance, to be useful. I will try to think of ways of making my pipeline of wanting to do something to actually see it on my task manager longer.

Also will try making sure my low-pri tasks are seen on a regular basis.

I’m wondering if you have more nuggets like that? (or maybe I’m over-optimizing by asking that!?, given I already have 1 action item from this thread)

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