Some tips for dealing with and recovering from RSI and carpal tunnel

Steven Zhang
3 min readSep 5, 2022

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I’ve struggled with wrist/arm pain / carpal tunnel / repetitive stress injury around computer usage since college. It got quite bad during April 2020 after COVID lockdowns. After not typing for a few weeks, I regrouped and started a multi-month path to recovery. Here’s what I’ve found helpful, your mileage will vary, but hopefully this gives you some inspiration!

Basic information

Best Overview podcast

Book: It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professional

List of videos around this topic:

My equipment setup


  • Ergodox-Ez with Colemak layout
  • Vertical tenting using these book frames:
  • I map my right keypad big key to the left mouse click effect, which helps with reducing mouse usage and hand movement


Voice typing

For a while after the flareup in April 2020, I used a lot of voice dictation and commands. I do much less so these days.

Voice typing/dictation

  • Gboard voice typing on Android- This is the most accurate voice dictation software I’ve used, Google does a bunch of machine learning on your Google account data that’s wild, so dictating friends names works almost all the time

Voice commands

Eye tracking

  • This doesn’t work a hundred percent of the time, but I have a large monitor just being able to move quickly across the monitor and then doing the last micro adjustment using my trackpad/trackball saves a lot of time and arm movement


The Armaid is by far the most massage useful tool I’ve found for dealing with flareups. A lot of RSI pain is from forearm muscles/attachment points (which one then feels in the hands), and this tool helps with that. I have 3 Armaids- one for every place I travel frequently to (parent/extended family houses, etc.)

Armaid in use



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