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Charlie Hebdo magazines on sale/CC

Devrions-nous être Charlie Hebdo?

Steven Zhou
Jan 8, 2015 · 3 min read

First of all, the Charlie Hebdo cartoons satirizing Islam and the Prophet Muhammad shouldn’t be seen as sufficient cause for three Muslim gunmen to kill twelve people this morning at the magazine’s headquarters. The true motives and reasons reside within the murderers’ opaque minds.

The narrative, dumbed down for all of us by the media, which largely regurgitated political rhetoric, was that a left-wing magazine exercised its right to free expression and paid for it unjustly because some backward Muslims got offended.

Sadder still is that Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that has focused first and foremost on discovering some of the most inventive and ridiculous ways to offend, so long as Islam is concerned, is now portrayed as the saintly, Marianne-esque champion of free speech.

Their editorial priorities were protected by free speech, and not animated by some sort of urge to promote global free expression. These two different things have become conflated, and the commemoration of the dead has become an exercise in falsely-placed santimony.

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