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When it became evident who would become our next president, like the MAJORITY of Americans who voted, I was beyond upset. But part of me, the eternal optimist I guess, wanted to give him a chance. Wanted to see if all this was an act, and maybe he was the ultimate Trojan Horse. No. No. No. He is every bit as bad as we thought he was. Time for the rest of America to wake up to reality and join the Resistance before he gains a head of steam.

Trump is an unabashed bigot surrounded by same who are all plotting to send us back to the time of turning firehoses and dogs on our neighbors, to indiscriminate mob beatings and killings, etc. Today it is immigrants. Tomorrow it will be other minorities, then the rest of us or whomever is left who dares oppose President Business.

Thank you for reporting on this, please keep doing so. There’s an excellent backstory on the Minnesota situation here:

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