The Best Time For Study.

The best time(s) for study is Anytime.


Too often we think the problem is more about the time, or the timing.

It’s​ often with the timer.


Forget about the time and the timing, and focus on cultivating a flow state.

We are wired so fluid as to achieve any goal anytime, in any environment.

It’s more about managing your attention and focus to do deep work.

It doesn’t matter what subject, or period, or environment, as much as your state of mind — which is largely in your control.

What matters most for effective studying (and so much for anything else) is developing what I call a Productivity Operating System (POS), which involves two basic components:

1. A healthy (internal and external) atmosphere:

Your body clock, much as all your physical and mental features, is a raw material.

You can reinvent it the same way you can refigure your body in the gym and shed some weight or get six packs.

You are physiologically flexible.

So to cultivate a flow state, study your body clock, and “rewire” it for your desired performance through exercise, good sleep, and a proper diet. These are the macrovitamins you generally need.

A sound, charged mind (your internal atmosphere) is often nursed through Meditation.

The growing number of scientific and psychotherapic proofs to that effect, makes it hard to be overemphasized.

I personally and regularly experience the creative energy it brings.

And your body — work out, and eat well — so your blood derives and circulates adequate nutrients round your body, especially to your brain. And good sleep also recharges your mind and body.

There are really no golden rules around these dynamics. So figure out what food and exercise and sleep routines that serve you best, and optimize them.

Then, unclutter your (external) atmosphere. Get your study room in order. Switch off your gadgets.

I structure my studying ​into 3-hour time blocks, with consequent 30-minute rewards for achieving maximum focus in the productive hours.

And when you’re tempted to be lazy, you can go to an open library away from home like I do atimes. Or maybe to a friend’s place.

2. Clear, specific, achievable periodic targets:

If you aim at nothing, you’ll shoot at nothing.

- What is/are your target exam score(s)?

- What is your best study pattern/strategy?

- How well have you studied/how far have you gone with the subject(s) so far?

- How much time do you think you’d need to invest to have a firm grip on it/them?

These ideas can help you to create a personal Productivity Operating System (POS) you can use to develop a habitual flow state, with which you do deep work.

It’s less about time management and more about life management.

So anytime and every time can be tailored into effective use, when we reinvent ourselves for maximum productivity.

All the best!

This article was originally posted on Quora.