IoT devices are only incentivized to contribute with hashpower as little as possible, and the…
Eric Wall

> IOTA can go from $1bn to $10bn without necessarily seeing any hashpower increase whatsoever.

So you say, the market will rise without adoption and new nodes?

Highly speculative. The amount of nodes is constantly rising, how can you know that it will stop, just for your argument to come true?

> In such a case, IOTA is made 10 times more profitable to attack without its security having increased at all. In cryptocurrencies, a 10x increase in value is directly added to the bribing of miners to increase the security of the network. In light of such risks, it is unlikely that IOTA will ever be able to safely disable the Coordinator. That is why the drawbacks of the Coordinator needs much more careful analysis.

As a result of your speculative argumentation, this is a vague hypothesis, not more relevant than FUD in the poloniex trollbox. 
You have no crystal ball, you just point out would-be bugs, that exist in your imagination.

> Any one person who is able to obtain the private key from the Coordinator hot wallet can easily gain any incentive to attack the network by shorting IOTA.

Again high speculation. Do you always work like this?

In the scientific world, the proper way is: hypothesis, analysis, interpretation.

You do: hypothesis, interpretation.

Furthermore, you ask the wrong questions. 
A good question would be: What are the differences between the internet, and the internet of things/everything in terms of network topology? 
Your “attack-vector-flash of wit” does not apply to meshnets, nor to a network secured by haspower with JINN-processors and MCRW in the near future. 
Till then, the coordinator does that job.

You could also ask:

Is anyone able to attack such a thoroughly set up system, now or in the future? -and what would he gain? (with a positive connotation -yeah that exists)

34% attack: 
He had to overcome lots and lots of hurdles, to make ONE doublespend. 
Mutual tethering (infrastructural horror for attackers) + weight + performing tons of PoW for getting a doublespend of one microtransaction (maybe 2 cents)

Getting control over the coordinator:

There is no attack vector, I’m not in the slightest able to find a way to describe how anyone would find access to it. Maybe Copperfield.
Except from asking a vague question: “WHAT IF…” , you can’t think of it either, hence my criticism of your scientific approach.

If you start asking the right questions, maybe you get to the point on your own.

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