Etherical Alpha pre-ICO Fund

With blockchain being the latest buzzword on everyone’s lips, it’s not surprising that all sorts of funds are appearing to help investors profit from this exciting new space.

However, many of them seem to be taking a traditional approach. To them, blockchain is the same as any other technology. They believe the same ideas that work on Wall Street and for Silicon Valley VC firms naturally apply on the blockchain. In their mind, an ICO is just an IPO with tokens instead of shares. If a company could not IPO, it should not ICO.

The new view is that the blockchain is a disruptive revolution in financial technology. Opportunities need to be evaluated in a fresh way.

What makes a fund successful? Is it expensive offices, a team of people in suits, and a fancy web site? Or is it market access, due diligence ability, and performance?

Etherical is taking a non-traditional approach. What matters is performance. Their whitepaper is literally one sheet of white paper. There is no need for more, because the premise is simple: buy low, sell high.

How do you buy low? By participating in pre-ICOs. The lowest price most coins will ever have is before they are even released.

Etherical sources the deals and performs due diligence on the management team, market opportunity, and technology. When they exit a position, half the net gain is repaid to token holders as a dividend. The other half is re-invested through the fund in new offerings.

Investors gain value through dividends, capital appreciation of the coins held by the fund, and appreciation of Etherical’s tradable ZEA1 token.

The due diligence that a corporate finance firm would do on an IPO is not the same for an ICO. In many cases, an ICO is for a new company, without revenues or even a product. This means that assessing the deal is more like angel investing than venture capital or private equity. The most revolutionary new coins are more likely to succeed because of innovation and solving real problems for people, than they are because of slick marketing. Etherical is going for substance over style, favoring simplicity over complication.

This “no frills” approach maximizes returns for investors, by minimizing all the bullshit. Time will tell whether Etherical’s combination of technical expertise, investment experience, global network and blockchain enthusiasm will outperform the teams of suits in flashy offices with booths at every trade show and banner ads plastered all over the Internet.

The Etherical pre-sale is open now. Use code MA031 and get 25% extra tokens.