Vegans Demanding Changes to Ancient Religions
Rama Ganesan

I like your quote Rama — We don’t appropriate the milk, eggs and the bodies of others. Let’s not appropriate their culture either. — and for myself I would add. Veganism as a nonviolent peace movement can stands on it’s own two feet not depending on or trying to change the traditions in the East or West.However helpful they maybe in other areas of life.

I have noticed spiritual people often do not get the vegan or animal right view. I am very grateful to Thich Nhat Hanh for sharing his insight into veganism with the Buddhist community and that great teacher’s like Will Tuttle blend the spiritual and vegan life style but when popular teachers like The Dalai Lame , Eckhart Tolle , The Pope etc don’t promote or seem to understand veganism it is time to move on.

I realized in a discussion the other day I would prefer to take my advise on food and animals from Vegan Geezer on Youtube than the Dalai Lama.As someone very influenced by Buddhism for about 40 years that is a big change.

Veganism as a nonviolent peace movement is enough for me though I am very happy to acknowledge how much I have been influenced by Buddhism, M K Gandhi, Jean Vanier, Ajahn Sumdho, Michael Singer, etc.

I wish Amma did not give cows milk chocolates away but it took me 35 years as a vegetarian to get the message.Much patience and seed planting is needed to be an effective advocate of a vegan life style while also deepening my own understanding too.

Thank you for the article.

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