Getting Wedding Day Ready

My wife and I were married back in August. She has been working out with me for more than two years and she’s the model in the majority of my Instagram photos. I’ve been gradually taking her body somewhere she hadn’t thought possible for a while now — slow and steady has always been the name of the game for me.

In the months leading up to the wedding, steady workouts were sparse due to both of our heavy work schedules. Finally, two weeks before, it was time to focus on our special day. Slow and steady was no longer an option — I had to implement the quick fix.

I usually say there is no quick fix, but if you have been doing my program for a long enough period of time, you will have built a foundation in which anything is possible. Whenever I get a new client, building the foundation is all I focus on in the beginning, because once you have established this base, you will yield results that will be unprecedented (and eventually sustainable).

We started one week out from the wedding. The thing we had to immediately focus on was her diet. I knew the plan would need to give her all the nutrition she needed, enough energy to work and workout hard, aid in digestion, and eliminate bloating to achieve a flat stomach. I quickly formulated a six day diet that consisted of intermittent fasting and about six different foods that included vegetables and lean protein, mainly fish. The only additives to any meals involved lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs.

We hit the gym six days straight, doing a combination of full body movements, and precise toning. I also wanted to train and tone her body for the dress she was wearing on our wedding day — something that most trainers don’t think about. But I knew she wanted to look and feel great in that dress.

The first step is to take a look at the dresses she would be wearing during all of our wedding events and understand what parts of the body are exposed, how each dress contours the body, and how they may accentuate different areas of the body.

After taking a look at three different dresses, I knew exactly how to set up the program. Without this understanding, you will just be running in circles with your program and not have a main focus.

We put in five days of 1.5 hour sessions, every day I went after the arms, the butt, the back, and the legs. The areas around the shoulder were most important because two of the dresses were strapless. We had to tone and tighten so there would be absolutely no smudged of wrinkled up skin (especially in the arm pit area) that sometimes a tight dress can create. Fix this and I knew my bride would feel and look amazing.

Next was the butt. One dress draped her butt and she wanted to have a perky booty to make sure the dress accentuated her bottom. For this, I focused on the top of the glutes, which is the area I like to call “the shelf.” This would create an amazing contour that would allow the dress to accentuate her curves.

And lastly — we had to focus on the legs. One of her outfits was much shorter and showed off a majority of her legs, so she wanted to insure that every part of the thigh down to her calves were precisely toned, and defined.

In the end, we accomplished all of our goals. Her body and her look was perfection (yes, I do realize I am a bit biased). The quick fix paid off with outstanding results. Needless to say — I was blown away. I was so happy that I was able to work with her so she felt her best on our special day.

When prepping for any event the important part is to focus on your individual needs and then apply the exercise properly. See below for one key exercise that we used during my wife’s wedding prep!

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