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Reasons for Roger to feel awkward at Gillette stadium:
 — When judge Berman unexpectedly made the Brady appeal transcripts public, Roger was caught completely and blatantly (pants down, hand in the cookie jar, pants on fire) lying in his appeal ruling about Brady’s testimony in an attempt to make Brady look guilty. What Goodell claimed was Brady’s testimony during the appeal and Brady’s actual testimony according to the transcripts are polar opposites and could not be more different. Goodell obviously never thought those transcripts would ever see the light of day and Judge Berman knew exactly what he was doing when he made them public. Goodell has never apologized to Brady for blatantly lying. In fact, the nfl repeated the lie in their submittal to the appellate court.
 — At the start of deflategate, the nfl leaked false information (11 of 12 …) to the press to set public opinion against the Patriots. Then for months, the nfl refused repeated requests by the Patriots to correct the false information that the nfl had leaked. The email exchanges between the Patriots and the nfl lawyers have been published, you can go read them.
 — At the start of deflategate, the nfl’s Dave Gardi sent an official nfl letter to the Patriots stating the blatant lie that one football measured 10.1 psi to diminish the Patriots will to fight at a time when the Patriots knew only the (false) information the nfl had leaked to the press and what the nfl was telling them. The nfl’s letter has been published, you can go read it.
 — At the time of Brady’s TV interview, the Patriots and Brady only knew the false information that the nfl had leaked to the press and what was in Dave Gardi’s letter. The nfl sat there watching Brady’s interview knowing full well that 1) what Brady was being asked to explain was false (no footballs measured 10.1 psi, 11 of 12 were not 2 psi under, and not all 12 Colts footballs were measured and not all Colts footballs were above 12.5 — in fact 3 of 4 were below by the gauge that the nfl would later claim was the gauge that Walt used). 2) That they, the nfl were the source of the false information. So Brady is up there trying to explain how something happened that he didnt know actually didnt happen because he didnt know the nfl had lied and the nfl sat there without saying a word. What self respecting honest person would sit there knowing someone else was being accused based on false information that they had leaked and not raise a hand to clarify the situation? Obviously Goodell is not a self respecting honest person. Obviously Brady would struggle trying to explain it because he didnt know it wasnt true and that the nfl had lied.
 — Numerous scientists from around the country (and some in Europe) have analyzed the numbers in the Wells report and stated explicitly and unanimously that there is no evidence of tampering and that weather accounts for all PSI measurements. Also, a number of others have written critiques of the Wells report that rip it to shreds identifying an appalling amount of deceit and fraud in the report that had to be known by the authors. Wells had to make numerous very sketchy and some flat out wrong (according to their own report) assumptions to claim even a minuscule amount of pressure unaccounted for which is exactly why Wells never stated that pressure amount in the whole report. Not only have all the scientific conclusions in the report been refuted but the motives of the authors have been brought into question. The Wells report is indefensible. One such instance of a false assumption is that Exponent assumed that Jastremski set the pressure of the footballs before “gloving” them. Exponent confirmed this assumption when questioned in the Brady appeal. The Wells report describes Jastremski’s process and states unambiguously that Jastremski set the pressure right after “gloving” the footballs. This means that there is 0.7 psi (according to Exponent’s own analysis) in the Patriots favor that Exponent did not account for which turns out to be about twice as much as Wells could claim was missing from the footballs (if you accepted all their sketchy or flat out wrong assumptions). So this one blatantly and undeniably wrong assumption completely exonerates Brady and the Patriots. There are numerous others in the report. Again, the Wells report is indefensible.

- The nfl is hiding the football pressure data they took during last couple of seasons and they quietly swept deflategate II under the rug when the Giants reported that 2 Steelers footballs measured 11.4 and 11.8 PSI during their game this past Dec 3rd. Note that 8 of the 11 Patriots footballs were just about at or above the Steelers 11.4 football measurement by the gauge that Walt Anderson said he used. Statistically speaking, the chances that the lowest measuring Steelers football was picked with a sample size of 2 (out of 12) is less than 4 percent meaning statistically speaking it is far more likely that there were other Steeler footballs that were even lower. By sweeping deflategate II under the rug the NFL is admitting that they now understand the link between temperature and pressure that they did not understand with deflategate. The first time ever that the nfl measured football pressures during a game, they were completely unprepared to understand the data they saw. Their expectation was that if a football measured 12.5 psi in the warm locker room it should measure the same on the cold field. By now even the semi-literate should understand that is not true. With no prior experience measuring footballs during a game, the very first moment the nfl saw a football measure below 12.5 on the field they made an assumption of guilt which, they did not know at the time, was not consistent with science.

A self-respecting honest person would feel very awkward. Good thing for him that Goodell is not an honest self respecting person.

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