>Godel was wrong. His theorems don’t prove what he wants them to prove.
Alfred Thomas Yerger

Godel’s proofs have been checked dozens of times by dozens of mathematicians. You are not smarter than the last 100 years of great minds and researchers…”

Irrelevant. I’ve noticed that mathematicians operate with a similar methodology to priests. Imagine some priest comes along, becomes an atheist, then tries to persuade his contemporaries that their foundational presuppositions are wrong. They’d say things like, “What, do you think you’re smarter than a thousand years of professional theologians? You think they got something so basic so wrong? You arrogant fool!”

You make the same error, and are having trouble evaluating ideas on their own merit. You have more faith in people than I do.

I’m not persuaded by credentialing, because PhD’s keep demonstrating their lack of independent thinking skills. “Being properly trained in” something seems to be synonymous with “repeating what you’ve been told as if it’s certain truth”.

I also have no training in physics, if you want to read this piece about how the mainstream Copenhagen Interpretation is a crock of nonsense: http://steve-patterson.com/quantum-physics-abuse-reason/

For that matter, I don’t really have any formal training in philosophy, if you want to read this piece resolving the millenia-old Liar’s Paradox: https://medium.com/@stevepatterson/resolving-the-9448aeb62502#.eo1ucgjdf

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