Open-sourcing Encouragement

As important as it is to open-source our work, I thought it would be important to share an internal note at Astronomer. As a startup it can be super easy to get stuck in the weeds and lose sight of what we’re doing. I wanted to show some love, offer encouragement and hopefully inspire some action. We have an amazing team with amazing talents, but this message weighed heavy on my heart (Not edited):

TL;DR: let’s get it.

Slap me in the wrist if this is absurd for the general @channel but I spent a little bit of time tonight thinking about the pivotal moments that happen within startups and how much it takes to build to get there. A summary of my thoughts >>>>

Real talk: As someone that has only worked in startups, literally credits his entire career to Cincinnati startups and has limited/no experience outside of startups, thank you. It is rare that companies in this stage, region, industry, focus, etc do anything as tremendously incredible as we do. Anytime I wake up thinking “fuck, I have to go do this super hard thing” I remind myself that what we are doing is so amazing and groundbreaking that there is not a single thing on earth I would rather spend time on. At times I want to scream. At times I want to toss my hands in the air. There are times where I think about “what if’s.”

The good news: As a company, there’s no towel to throw in. We make shit happen, ship product and do amazing work. And that’s why we’re all here. That’s what we signed up for.

Take this as a bit of encouragement to take 2 minutes to reflect on the mission we are executing on. This may sound lame AF or weird but we are building an incredible business. I am thankful of the people I get to work with everyday and the problem we’re solving…..

Take the challenging/taxing/unpredictable days in stride and know that we’re BUILDING. Let’s fucking get it. :robot_face: “