Data Experiments & Design Exploration about Place

‘‘Exploratory experiment is the probing, playful activity by which we get a feel for things. It succeeds when it leads to the discovery of something there’’

— Donald Schön

Buildings with colors from social media. One of several artistic experiments with city mediums.


“The city is a point where all the paths meet”

— Friedrich Kittler

Visualization automatically generated from sensor data Owen Powell. Visualization of real-time data about Geneva using report sensors installed in various neighborhoods in the city.

Learning Curves

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

— Albert Einstein

Street Movement Seen in Instagram Photos

Photos taken during the 2015 Pride Parade. You can see the build up to the parade and how people move to neighborhood block parties as the afternoon goes on.

Photos and Emojis

I started analyzing media across different map layers and isolating for variables like color, language, and sentiment.

Colors from Photos

Using color quantization, I created a spatial database of color. You can see the colors of parks and murals in the Mission neighborhood.

Painting Buildings with Social Color

I used colors from photo to express density of people and establishments. More bright and colorful building are more active.

Art, Analysis, Design

Hotspots in Downtown

Heat maps of transit frequency by stop, cultural amenities, such as stores and restaurants, activity in social media.
Density of Bart and AC Transit Stops, Restaurants and Stores from Google Places, and Social Activity Represented by Instagram Photos within a 10-mile walking radius of 19th Street Bart.

Co-founder of Vibemap. I write about data, cities, transit, and local government.

Co-founder of Vibemap. I write about data, cities, transit, and local government.