Part 3 of our series exploring the overlap of Clubhouse and live radio.

Our panel of producers with live radio backgrounds is back again, and this time they are sharing their best practices for preparing questions and guests for an amazing show.

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How do you prepare question lines (q-lines) for guests?

Have a clear focus and stick to it. Every question should circle back to the focus of the conversation or interview…

Part 2 of our series exploring the shared techniques and strategies between Clubhouse and live radio.

We’ve reconvened our panel of live radio experts to share their accumulated wisdom about what makes for a great host (moderator), what common hosting pitfalls to avoid, and why the role of a producer for a live audio show is vital.

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What are the qualities of a fantastic live audio host/moderator?

The best live radio hosts I’ve worked with are…

A new series featuring best practices for live audio shows from world-class radio producers.

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In our last post, we talked about the significant overlap between live radio and Clubhouse.

Many of our team members have considerable experience in live radio. As we internally discussed approaches to Clubhouse, we thought it would be valuable to a lot of people exploring and experimenting with Clubhouse to…

Is this new social audio platform a threat to podcasting? Spoiler: Nope. But, it’s creating an entirely new space in digital audio to serve different needs than podcasting. And talk radio might want to keep looking over its shoulder…

In the world of digital audio, it seems like everyone is talking about Clubhouse. (Elon Musk debuted on the platform this week!) For an invite-only, iOS-only social audio platform, there are suddenly a LOT of people on there and a LOT of people excited about it.

In May of 2020…

After the stress and turmoil of 2020, the question is: what’s next?

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Every year around this time, we ask some of the smartest thinkers in podcasting an important question: “What’s next?” Often, the predictions are surprisingly accurate… although NOT surprisingly, no one predicted a global pandemic at this time last year.

So where is podcasting headed in 2021? We asked industry leaders…

COVID-19 is ushering in a stripped-down, personal approach to content that can deliver new depths of connection

Creativity thrives under constraints — in fact, many suggest creating constraints as a strategy to increase creativity and drive new approaches. So it is no surprise that shelter-in-place orders and social distancing measures have driven a profound shift in how content is conceived, produced, and consumed.

Scott Newman of On-Air Fest and work x work

I reached out to…

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