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Half the US was covered in glaciers that melted well before the Industrial Age, with minimal population on the North American continent. Look, I am trying to help you. I am a conservative, but you would be surprised at how many conservatives believe in our impact to the environment, and want to make positive changes to protect it. The problem is, the progressive movement is trying to bulldoze the world to come together in some altruistic partnership to fix the problem. You can’t name a single moment in time, when the entire world agreed on something. If you are a man of science, then just read Darwin. The climate issue will only be addressed by a more tangible ulterior motive to “Saving the Planet”, and telling people the sky is falling. Get tactical, understand human nature, understand the circumstances. You want conservatives to go along? Tell them to allocate $2 billion dollars of defense funds to funding green technology in the military, with partnerships with American firms, with a ROI of $10 billion dollars in fuel savings, and a direct savings to US taxpayers. Right off the bat, you will cut emissions by a measurable percentage, because we know exactly what the US military burns each year. This measure would probably pass within 12 months, and will shift the energy paradigm. Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to prove your point. Sometimes, you need to think of the outcomes.