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I feel sorry for the Arab Muslims, but not because of any Jews, but because of their own hatred and intolerance. Zionist Jews did not conquer Palestine. As a matter of fact, they started immigrating to the Ottoman Empire, an entity they had no plans to conquer. They bought land legally, and registered it legally. The vast majority of land purchased was not considered in production by any Arabs, and contrary to belief, the Fellaheen were not displaced in large numbers by Jews, but rather drawn to better jobs created by Jews. Upon the British mandate, and in 1922, the British sought to establish an elected single state government, which allowed the Jews 15% of the elected seats, reflecting their population as a percent. This was accepted by Zionists, who saw the homeland as a place, rather than a state. Using a xenophobic approach, Arab Muslim leadership rejected this equitable solution, which gave Arabs 85% control. Ironically, it was Arab immigrants that became the issue. Al Qassam, a Syrian, started the Black Hand, and from the mid 20s through the mid 30s, he used his local mosque to recruit and train terrorists to attack Jews. It wasn't until 1936, during the Peel Commission, did the idea of a 2 state system first occur. This further increased Arab attacks against Jews, who grasped on to the idea, and especially with thousands of Holocaust victims having nowhere to go, the Jews fought back, and carved out a ghetto in the middle east. They have been attacked numerous times since, and have proven that when Arabs declare peace, they honor their commitments (Jordan and Egypt both saw returned land and oversight over Islamic properties). To this day, the Arabs have been the aggressor. Had they just accepted a handful of legally entitled Jews, and acted like compassionate Muslims, there never would have been an Israel. But I do want to add, there is no difference between a European Jew emigrating to the region than the millions of Arabs that emigrated from other countries during the same time frame, and to compare the Arabs of Palestine to the Native Americans is a joke. Palestine has been controlled and populated by Arabs and Europeans alike for millennia, as a matter of fact, there is no conclusive DNA footprint for a native.

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