Our problem isn’t ‘fake news.’ Our problems are trust and manipulation.
Jeff Jarvis

Jeff, The Achilles heel of your premise is it’s a journalists job to always seek the truth, which is not a journalists job. A journalists job is to present facts. The truth is often subjective, and should be left to the reader, which is why we have due process. It’s why we need to question a MSM, controlled by 4 powerful men, as to whether they manipulate facts to create a truth. Putting blind faith in a man like Zucker, who controls NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and influences multiple outlets to do the right thing, when his number one goal is to make money is fools folly. If a story leads you to a conclusion, then it’s fake news. It’s merely opinion made truth by a supporting set of facts with no other facts or opinions. Personally, I believe the MSM has crossed the line from news to entertainment. It’s all about click bait and advertising. The news today is about as legitimate as reality TV.

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