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Joe, Not sure you understand science. Data is fact, your assessment and projection is theory and hypothesis, until proven through experiment. To spin that humans have caused climate change, or accelerated climate change is nothing but faith in a 40 year old hard data set in the context of 5 Billion years of the Earth’s existence or the millions of years humans have inhabited the earth. The equation for what impacts the earth’s climate probably has thousands of known variables (from sources on the planet, to sources in the solar system, to sources millions of light years away), and thousands of variables we have yet to understand. If you want to win the battle of renewable energy, you need to stop harping on the climate as settled science. It isn’t. It’s merely scientific conjecture. Renewable energy will only be obtainable in short order if we make it part of an energy policy geared toward energy independence and diversity. Scarcity of natural resources will force renewable options. To expedite this in the short run, we need to make this a national security issue, as the US military is the single largest consumer of energy in the world. This way we can fund a sound policy with defense funds, and have the same people that brought us GPS, cell phones and the internet get to work on renewables. This tech then will be spun to private enterprise, and the US can recover its investment though global tech transfer.