Drupal Standard for UK Public Sector
Mark Craddock

Thank you for highlighting such an important issue. Having recently lost the opportunity to provide, amongst other functionality, a system for ‘taxi licensing’ the UK is likely to end up being sold 300+ ‘taxi licensing’ applications, Drupal or no Drupal. That’s not to say the suppliers who won the contract won’t take this approach, but there’s no guarantee they will. Sadly it seems I’m more forward-thinking than the current buying process allows, with reasons given including lack of current examples of what I’m suggesting, not seemingly understanding that I’m creating something new here hence no examples. So many projects just seem to re-create existing systems, incorporating all the existing problems with no wider thinking because people are too worried about their pay packet.

As a community we share common functionality and that’s how we innovate, we cannot leave it up to profit-making businesses to ensure this continues. I thank you for taking a first step.