I love this quote from your article: “Currently there is a lack of sharing code on the…

Thanks for your comment — only just seen this so apologies for the late reply!

I believe there’s a wide open landscape here — take governmental / public sector sites — some countries have collaborations between Drupal shops for distributions, some have one distribution by one supplier, some have little or no collaboration like here in the UK. So we get instances like one RFP where part of the proposal was for taxi licensing. Should we have 300+ different systems for the country for this?

How many agencies are out there building the same stuff for the same industries which could benefit from sharing? The building industry, beauty salons, estate agents, even life coaches — all have 80% similar operations / domain vocabularies which could provide a jump-start on implementations and improve the operations of the businesses themselves by sharing common knowledge and encoding it in a Free/Libre Open Source Software platform.

There are already examples of organisations dropping out of the Drupal world who suffered from not sharing — I believe (YMMV etc.) MTV UK are one such example. When I saw them present a couple of years back at DrupalCamp London they were explaining their NOAH (‘Node Object Attribution Hierarchy) system they’d developed in order to format and route content to specific areas, perhaps an info quote displayed during a programme or an event website. I asked if they’d shared any of this with their peers — they said they hadn’t but wanted to. But there’s no place for them to do this, there’s no supporting infrastructure for this to happen yet. We throw Drupal over the hill, agencies implement it then move on to the next project. Agencies sell time, and helping people to eliminate some of that time in order to focus on building new stuff just isn’t on their radar as, for one, it’s not an ‘urgent’ issue, people are making money hand over fist and there’s no impetus for that to change in the short term, we can only push ahead ourselves & not expect change to just happen.