Weaving the Latino Civic Web in Nevada by Lisa García Bedolla

Steve Phillips
Dec 19, 2016 · Unlisted

Weaving the Latino Civic Web in Nevada

May 2016

  1. Latinos’ social networks currently contain little political information and/or conversation;
  2. It is not possible to hire sufficient paid staff to engage in outreach to all eligible and disengaged Latino voters.
  • 980 Block Captains (each responsible for turning out 50 voters, or about 10 families, with a 60% success rate)
  • A focus on the issues target voters care about and how government can help address those issues;
  • Information that highlights local “wins” and other instances of collective action working to make a difference;
  • Concrete information about electoral issues that will help Larino voters feel confident about their ability to make good decisions in the voting booth.
  • Cue family values without substantive connections between family needs and voting;
  • Frame issues as “us” versus “them”;
  • Focus on symbols rather than substance.


    Steve Phillips

    Written by

    Founder, Democracy In Color; Author of national bestseller “Brown is the New White”; Sr Fellow, Ctr Amer Prog; Chair, PowerPAC+

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