Jim Karkanias, Paul Hynek, Steve Ramos and Eric Shuss at Brink 2015.1

How Open Source Innovation Transforms Brink 2015.1 into a Tech Summit like no other

In the Live Streaming Era, the Brink Institute places value on offline shifts and onsite collaborations

DATELINE: Palm Desert, CA

A cluster of thought leaders from a variety of industries, Eric Shuss, CEO of cognitive robotics software firm, CogBotics, Paul Hynek, partner in Avatron Smart Park, an immersive them park company, and Jim Karkanias, a senior research executive at Microsoft, share laughs and insights offstage. Their impromptu conversations continue well past a nighttime screening and panel discussion on writer/director Alex Garland’s tech thriller Ex Machina and its portrayal of A.I.

Sometimes, the most powerful inspirations occur via pop up conversations and unlikely introductions. During those special moments, it’s happenstance that drives the next, great discoveries.

It’s day one Brink2015.1, the inaugural summit of Brink Institute, a Seattle-based, technology think-tank, and already the effects of Open Source Innovation are taking root at the Palm Desert, CA locale.

As explained by Brink co-founder Celia Black, she wants Brink to be a community of diverse experimenters, hackers, futurists and technologists brought together by the concept of Open Source Innovation.

Basically, Black aims for Brink to be populated by people who normally wouldn’t be sharing ideas or stories at tech conferences and office meeting rooms. Because when you connect people from seemingly disparate industries, there’s no telling what may ignite.

For this debut conference, a community of business consultants, tech forecasters and forward thinkers from across the United States and around the globe join trusted, Brink partners. Spending three days together, listening to multiple presentations, the goal of co-creating innovative discoveries takes hold with Brink presenters as well as audience members.

Brink2015.1 attendees spend much of the opening day in a nondescript conference ballroom at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort, watching panels including ‘State of the World: Can Today’s Civilization Survive the Coming Phase Change and Should It?’ with technologists Jim Clark and Vivek Wadhwa.

All the Brink2015.1 partners, Clark and Wadhwa, Shuss, Hynek and Karkanias among others, exceed audience expectations, sharing case studies about accelerated technology, fast futures, big data, life extension and the promise of consumer A.I. in just a few years.

Joining these game changers as a panel moderator, I can speak personally to the fiery hot creative sparks originating from their onstage conversations.

Sitting in the green room behind the conference stage, drinking coffee and laughing with summit host Neely Tucker and various presenters like Hynek and G. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer and Director, Center for SETI research, it’s clear that many of the summit conversations come to life behind the scenes.

Yet, when it comes to the June weekend’s greatest discoveries, those moments when that next disruption begins to take shape, it’s public conversations like the back-and-forth, rambling discussion between Shuss, Hynek and Karkanias on virtual reality, A.I. and consumer perceptions that transform Brink2015.1 from a traditional summit into an honest Open Source event.

What’s exciting is how these innovative discoveries didn’t occur privately, behind the scenes at some V.I.P. event. Instead, they fully came to life on the conference floor with Brink2015.1 attendees playing active roles in the debates.

The weekend’s themes of open innovation reflect the diverse community of presenters representing health tech with an emphasis on life extension and A.I. and cognitive robotics software. It’s important, Black reminds the audience, that tech leaders from different industries come to understand that ideas shared at this conference can ignite positive change back at their jobs.

More importantly, if Brink can help convince us that the greatest assets a creative entrepreneur has are his or her stories, then, the summit has accomplished one of its key goals.

Storytelling is what moves the needle when it comes to consumer perceptions regarding new technologies surrounding A.I. and life extension.

By the end of the weekend, after shared presentations and offstage conversations, the event becomes a source of true discoveries because the stories shared have moved the onsite audieence as well as those who connected digitally.

The most powerful stories are innovation stories and there are no better people to tell share that story than the Brink community.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Brink Institute is building its summits at a Time of Big Data, an Era of Techonomics and Live Streaming via popular apps Periscope and Meerkat.

While the summit’s various partners make full use of the latest, digital tools to create news around the panels and presentations, it’s clear that offline/onsite inspiration like Brink2015.1 matters.

Periscope cannot manufacture the game-changing discoveries on its own. Instead, live-streaming tools boost the importance of the creative sparks that come out of the onsite collaboration between the summit’s game-changing guests.

What I’m saying is that there’s no algorithm yet for happenstance; those unexpected exchanges between creative entrepreneurs that spark the innovative discoveries that make live-streaming apps worthwhile.

All of these happenstance conversations circle back to a belief in Open Source Innovation that Black repeats throughout the three-day event in Palm Desert. When it comes to inspiring innovation, whether among Brink partners or our external clients, vendors and co-creators, Black believes that breaking down the walls between tech ecosystems and encouraging unlikely collaboration are key for igniting the next disruptions.

It will also be key for the next Brink summit, Brink2015.2, scheduled for London fall 2015.

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