Wine Enthusiast Tasting Club Atlanta

Wine Enthusiast Tasting Club Atlanta

Wine Enthusiast Tasting Club Atlanta
Wine Enthusiast Tasting Club Atlanta

A man enters a wine club, tastes different wine, get drunk, jokes around and then he retires back to his home. The same man enters a different wine club, tastes different wine, socializes, meets elites in the society, and gets empowered and educated; walks out at the end of the day with a revolutionized life.

This is just a couple of many benefits from joining Atlanta’s newest wine club that also pays members to join and host wine around cities.

The wine socialites partnered with Direct Cellars, provide and ensures that every guest is treated specially to an evening of live entertainment, networking and sampling premium exotic wines around the world. It is not uncommon to have guests socialize and feel comfortable on first visit. “We are the newest wine club in the city as featured on: NBC, CBS, FOX, Boston and many other news sites. Our members are important to us; we even pay them to join our wine club, we encourage guest to dress to impress in cocktail attire and be ready to connect with some of Atlanta’s most successful wine lovers.”

Atlanta Private Wine Club

The Atlanta wine club provides a meet point for wine lovers and elites in the society. Prided as a home for many influential people that loves tasting different wine, and business professionals of like minds that spear head in a various areas of life, there are bountiful opportunities to meet, socialize and networks with the smartest of minds.

New comers and first timers are provided with opportunity every week to meet leaders and other members as well. The aim is to keep members of the wine socialites close and provide opportunity to meet with successful people across all areas of life.

“It is true we have great people in our club from around the world, wonderful personalities that will keep you wondering why they would join the club in the first place. — wine socialites help to improve your networking with great people.

There is so much to do and learn, no boring moment with wine socialites, entertainment from music DJ’s and more are available to improve and beat down any wine club experiences you have had in the past. “We provide exotic wines from around the world and aim to meet everybody’s taste, different makes of wines are readily available throughout our refreshing event,” He said.

However entrance is free for guest only, events are strictly members’ affair and you must register to gain access. Come experience one of these events live on Friday Oct 21.

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Telephone: (404) 947–2689

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